Bar Code Hardware Used with QuickTrace

ELTRON TLP2742The ELTRON TLP2742 label printer is required for printing durable labels for files as well as other labels for menus, GP111 inserts etc. Normally only one printer of this type will be required, typically located in the Records Office. If colour tabs are to be used, this printer may not be required as a Companion printer may be used for temporary file labels.

ELTRON Companion PrinterThe Companion printer is typically used to print address and specimen labels in the surgery or treatment room. It is low cost and very compact so takes up little space on a desk (it may even be wall mounted). It may also be used to print temporary file labels etc. Note that Companion labels are "direct thermal" type and therefore may fade after some months or in high temperatures.

CCD ScannerHigh performance CCD scanners are connected to a PC and used to scan bar code labels directly into QuickTrace. Typically these will be used wherever there is a requirement to scan in large numbers of files regularly. This will normally be in the Records Office and possibly Reception Desk.

Symbol Datawand 3The Symbol SPT1500 is a self-contained portable bar code scanner based on the Palm Pilot personal organiser. It is used to scan and temporarily store bar code data which will be transferred to QuickTrace later. The unit provides a simple facility for logging transfers anywhere in the practice and especially wherever access to a PC is not possible or convenient. It also provides a backup data logging method, in case the network is down. Data is transferred to the PC via a cradle which may be used for several SPT1500s. The same menu options for selecting location and reason as are seen on a PC are provided on the unit's screen to make operation straightforward.

This low cost CCD scanner is useful wherever there is a requirement to scan low volumes of transfers into a PC or where it is advantageous to be able to "look up" patients in QuickTrace (or the clinical system). This would typically provide a low cost alternative to the high performance CCD scanner for eg the Reception Desk and is particularly suitable for a surgery or the nurse's room.