QuickTrace File Tracking for GPs - Overview

The simplest to use, bar code based tracking system for GPs

  • Designed in conjunction with GP Records staff to provide an appropriate solution to the problem of locating those mislaid files.

  • Alternatively use colour coded file tabs produced off-site or via our integrated module ColourTrace. These allow quicker pulling of notes and facilitate visually capturing misfiles.

  • Each time a file is moved the file label is swiped by a bar code reader attached to a PC. The new location of each file is instantly logged in the database. (A portable scanner can be used too.)

  • Users can pre-book files to ensure these are available where and when required.

  • Know that files are overdue as soon as they become overdue - not next time they are urgently required and avoid wasting time searching for files.

  • Email reminders to return overdue files may be generated at any time by a simple mouse click, or print reminders instead just as easily. No more fire-fighting!

  • Patient information transferred from your Patient Administration system (eg GPASS, Vision etc)

  • Allows for branch surgeries. Each file is associated with one "home" records office.

  • Simple to use - staff may be trained in minutes rather than days.

  • The system operates multi-user over your existing networked PCs.

  • Valuable management reports may also be produced showing for example how long on average users keep files.

  • The low cost annual support contract includes upgrades to QuickTrace.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration in your own surgery.

"QuickTrace - Just What the Doctor Ordered"