LabelTrace® for Sage 50 is based on our healthcare version but has been optimised for the labelling tasks typically found in production or distribution environments. It is designed to produce labels for products, bins, cartons etc where the data for the label is available within Sage 50. It can be used from a range of Sage 50 records - Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and others. The user interface is primarily a menu system displaying the available templates. The user selects the template to be printed then initiates printing. Business rules can be included in the templates to modify the behaviour as required. Thus a set of labels may require as little as two mouse clicks to produce. “Clear, accurate information – in seconds.“


In a common scenario, LabelTrace® is launched from a specific Sales Order or Purchase Order for which labels are required. The user simply selects the template required and then clicks to start printing a label or set of labels - typically a set for each line of the order. If appropriate, it will allow selection of a specific GDN/GRN from which to print labels instead. During the print job, the quantity of labels to print will be as per the configuration in the template, e.g. line quantity, manually entered quantity etc. Other rules may be included in the template to cause lines to be suppressed on the basis of criteria such as product category, allocation status etc. Furthermore, as each line is printed, other options such as label size (“large”, “small” etc) can be offered so that the appropriate size and design of product label may be produced to suit each product.

For easy operation, LabelTrace® adds an icon to the title bar of the Sage 50 record window. Clicking this icon causes LabelTrace® to obtain the record number of the current Invoice record, Sales Order record etc. It then uses the Sage API to obtain limited data concerning this record and presents the user interface with this data displayed for confirmation purposes. This ensures that the user can confirm that LabelTrace® is ready to print for the correct record.

During printing, any further data referenced in the template is obtained from Sage “as required”, for maximum efficiency and thus speed of response. Any business rules in the template will modify the behaviour appropriately. Thus a set of labels may require as little as two mouse clicks to produce. These are normally printed on low cost dedicated label printers such as the Zebra GK420d shown here. A more detailed description of LabelTrace®'s operation is available for download here.

The Terms of Supply and Pricing document is available for download here.

A PDF leaflet describing the benefits of LabelTrace® for Sage 50 is available for download here.