What is QuickTrace?

QuickTrace is a purpose designed tracing system for GP practices which also supports records staff with general management of records. In addition it provides useful features such as printing of labels for specimens and request forms for labs.

What computers does it run on?

QuickTrace runs on your existing PCs - generally no additional PCs are required. It can be used on a single standalone PC or run over networked PCs. The networked set up allows additional features to operate - for example, internal email reminders may be sent to colleagues who are holding files which are overdue for return. CHA will advise on the most appropriate arrangement.

What Hardware do I Need to Purchase from CHA?

QuickTrace produces file labels, address labels , labels for GP111Fs (pink sheets) and also labels for specimens and request forms - so a label printer with labels and ribbons is usually required.

In order to scan file labels etc two alternative options are available, although note that both may be utilised at the same time if you wish. Firstly a "CCD" scanner may be used directly connected to a PC. This will update the database immediately transfers are logged. Secondly, portable data terminals (PDTs) may be used to scan file labels then the data transferred at a later point to QuickTrace. This is useful if PCs are not available in some locations where transfers need to be logged. Also PDTs can be used when your PC system is unavailable due to a network problem, for example or over a weekend when the computer systems are shut down. The PDT transmits the data to a PC via a cradle.

How is My Patient Data Set Up?

Your clinical system (eg GPASS/EMIS/Vision etc) will normally be able to generate an export file containing the required patient data. CHA will assist you in creating this file and we will then process and check the file for problems. This allows us to set up the initial set of patients in QuickTrace for you. We can even print the initial set of labels, if required. QuickTrace will shortly be linked to GPASS for automatic adding of new patients as well as automatic editing of data when it changes in GPASS. Other clinical systems will be linked to in the future.

What About Sticking on the File Labels?

Sticking a label on each of your files for your initial set of patients takes a little while! However, during this exercise, we loan you equipment to rewind printed rolls of labels and an applicator which minimises the time and effort required to stick the labels on.

I'd Like to Use Colour Coded Tabs on Files - Is this Possible?

CHA has a marketing agreement with Kardex Systems who supply factory produced colour tabs for this purpose. QuickTrace has features built into it to support use of these tabs as well as having an optional additional module, ColourTrace, which allows you to produce additional tabs in your own surgery, as you need them.

Note that we can match existing colour tabs from other suppliers, too!

Can I Practice Before Using the Real System?

As well as installing the real system, we will install a "demonstration version" and a "training version" which allows you to train staff without worrying about corrupting real data. It also provides an opportunity to decide what names to use for "locations" (where files are transferred to), "reasons" (what they will be used for when transferred) and also categories of each. You may then practice setting these up without worrying about making mistakes. Only when you are completely confident will you work on the live system.

What if I have problems?

The system has a comprehensive help file which explains how to carry out all activities. It also has a section of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) which may help solve any problems. The latest version of the FAQ is available via the Support section of this web site. Note this is restricted to registered users of QuickTrace and/or ColourTrace. If problems are experienced which require advice you can contact our office during normal office hours by telephone, fax or email. If necessary we will make a site visit to resolve problems.

What Does the Annual Maintenance Charge Cover?

This charge (currently 325 pa for QuickTrace and 99 for ColourTrace) covers any support required as well as provision of upgrades to the system as they are released. You may be required to obtain and install a modem link to QuickTrace to allow us to examine the system remotely. This issue is under examination at present.

What if I have an Idea for Some Other Useful Feature?

QuickTrace has been developed entirely on the basis of what has been asked for by medical records staff and doctors. We want this process to continue so any new ideas will be seriously considered for inclusion in the subsequent versions.